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Голубчик родословная

 K’Day by Day Silvi-Cola

MCO n23

Zak-Ah-Ree Silvi-Cola 

MCO d 22

 GIC Escape’s Never Ending

MCO d22

DreamOla Amunda

MCO d22

 Laterna Magica’s Xenon

MCO a 09 23

Moon Kewa’s Legolas

MCO a09 23

CH Moon Kewa’s Fornarina

MCO a22

Golden Sunset the Tenderly

MCO g0322

Mobby Dick the Tenderly 

MCO d 09 22 

CH Dotcom Lance of Canalettos

MCO a0922

Broadway Queen The Tenderly

MCO fs22

Dixie Girl the Tenderly 

 MCO a 03      

CH Sandro of Moos Ranch

MCO a 0922

GIC Ruby Tuesday The Tenderly 

MCO n 0922

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